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Five Features That Make the Difference in Chiropractic Tables

Five Features That Make the Difference in Chiropractic Tables

However, we’re also well aware that the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” is amply apparent in your chiropractic office. Of all the medical equipment in your examination room, few things—save for the chiropractor’s experience and care—are as important as a high-quality chiropractic table.

Width and Firmness

Firm cushions offer support and make moving patients much easier. With that said, some patients prefer the feel of softer cushions. With a bit of research, it’s possible to find a happy medium that keeps you and your patients happy. Table width is also a consideration, since a table that’s too narrow will leave a patient feeling unsupported and prone to moving around to find a more comfortable position; that, in turn, can aggravate muscle pain and pinched nerves, making your job more difficult. Choose wisely!

Vertical Lift

Just as patients come in all shapes and sizes, so too do doctors of chiropractic. A chiropractic table with vertical lift capability always ensures an optimal adjustment height regardless of the size of either the chiropractor or their patient. This ensures that whether you’re conducting a cervical adjustment, a side posture adjustment, guiding a patient through a hamstring stretch, or ensuring they can dismount the table easily, the perfect height is easy to dial in.

Drop Features

Drop tables allow for gentler adjustments, which is helpful if you have a patient in extreme pain, or a pregnant patient who needs a pelvic adjustment. A drop table will offer either manual or automatic drops. A manual drop table will be less expensive, but will require a bit of finesse to adjust the drop depth. Automatic drops can be set and reset quickly at the press of a button or a quick tap of a foot switch, saving time and preventing strain injuries to the chiropractor.


Traction features allow for decompression to treat challenging joint and disc conditions. Flexion (including lateral flexion), rotation, and extension won’t always be necessary, but it’s vital to have these functions on call for the patients who need them.


Portable chiropractic tables come in a number of configurations, and may be worth considering for some practices. If you’ve ever wanted to bring your healing touch to patients who couldn’t visit you in your office or to set up shop at a pop-up health clinic where volunteer doctors serve disadvantaged communities, portable tables are an excellent fit even if they lack some of the complex features found in stationary tables.

Sourcing Medical Equipment in Michigan

These features make a difference for chiropractors, but they also improve patient outcomes. They’re not a replacement for your education and experience, but they do help you put both to their best use, which in the end is the best argument to err on the side of more and better features. Coastal Medical Imaging will account for your unique approach to your patients, then match you to the proper equipment that aligns with your needs and values. There’s an old saying that reminds us, “People may not remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.” Your patients may not remember to heed every bit of advice you give them, from proper stretching to ample hydration, taking quality supplements, exercising, or quitting smoking. But when you solve their problems — restoring function, increasing mobility, alleviating pain, and improving their quality of life — they’ll remember that, and when a friend or family member is experiencing difficulties, you can bet your name will be top of mind. How can Coastal Medical Imaging help you? Call us today to find out!