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Apollo maximizes the flexibility of the remote-controlled RF approach. Skeletal, gastro-intestinal, tomography, vascular, and ERCP are performed easily and quickly. Chest exams are also possible thanks to the continuously adjustable Source to Image Distance, which can arrive of up to 71″ (180 cm), depending on the specific Apollo version. Extremities can easily be executed with the patient standing only a few centimeters above the floor. Fully electronic bi-directional tomography without the use of a connection bar can be performed in both film, and digital mode in any position of the table.

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Apollo is the next generation remote-controlled RF system designed for maximum patient throughput and application flexibility. In the demanding environment of your imaging department, Apollo is one step ahead in the direction of efficiency. A perfect mix of flexibility, ease of use, image quality and connectivity allow you to get the best out your RF room.

Special attention is given to patient’s dose reduction by employing a number of provisions such as low-absorption tabletop materials (plastic or carbon fiber), reduced skin-to-film-distance, automatic collimation, fully automatic parameter settings in both fluoro and exposure (zero-point technique).With one of the industry’s lowest tabletop height and easy four sides open access, Apollo will ease both patient loading operations, and procedures requiring support personnel operation within the table area. The new Touch Screen interface, with its hi-tech look and feel in line with Apollo’s performance, allows to further improve the system’s usability

The wide scanning range provides complete patient coverage without the need for longitudinal tabletop movement, resulting in faster positioning and better patient comfort. The powerful spot film device with line and cross divisions will fit every application need. A unique cassette loading and unloading mechanism speeds up even this frequent operation. All table movements can also be activated via the tableside keypad to improve efficiency during the patient preparation phase.