EMP G30 Portable Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound System


G30 vet portable color doppler ultrasound, combined with EMP 20+ years of clinical experiences and adopted new generation Lap-top design can support professional veterinary diagnosis anytime, anywhere.

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ePure Speckle Reduction Technology

Speckle Reduction Technology is a technology that effectively reduces the noise created by echoes and self-adapt uniformity of different tissue layers to its premium image quality with clear edges.



eSpeed One Key Optimization

Automatic acoustic adjustment for optimal image by multiple and retrospective channel smart data processing.


Needle Enhancement.png

eNeedle Enhancement for Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy

It intensifies the visualization of needle from its surrounding environment, projects the route for biopsy needle intervention, and assists practitioner to perform operation with efficiency.


eView 宽景成像技术.png

eView Panoramic Imaging

Panoramic imaging broadens the scope of view in diagnosis by sequentially aligning individual images in their anatomical context.


eSCI 频率复合技术.png

eSCI Spatial Compound Imaging

A number of co-planar, tomographic ultrasound images of an object are obtained from different directions to form a single compounded image. Its result would show significantly reduction in the speckle, clutter, and other acoustic artifacts.


eFCI 频率复合成像技术.png

eFCI  Frequency Compound Imaging

Delivers imaging with high resolution at different depth through allowing simultaneous transmission of high & low echo frequencies.




Animal Bodymarks and Special Clinical Notes

Diversified animal body marks make convenience for veterinarians to select, mark in a instance, and improve diagnosis efficiency.