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Handheld wireless ultrasound. When it comes to medical technology, even the best is never enough.

We fit an entire ultrasound inside an 8 oz, 6-inch probe.   Added a 5G WiFi instead of a cable.   A high-capacity battery for 3+ hours of continuous scan time or a typical day’s clinical use.  Instead of a clumsy console. A familiar, friendly, easy-to-use app  (using just a fraction of the incredible, fantastic computing power already inside iPad, iPhone, and Android devices).

Fast high-quality images for immediate real-time diagnosis. Makes a lasting impression on your clients, colleagues, and peers. Billable services that lead to more repeat visits, referrals, additional procedures, and quite often, the request for a scan during regular exams. 

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  What your patients want most.  A visual display to assist with explaining your diagnosis and treatment plan, and answer their questions.  

  • Start scanning in seconds.  One button power on.   Click the app.  Select an exam type.   And click to go live.
  • No cables, electric plugs, setup time, bulky carts, hefty portables, or separate exam rooms
  • Less time and cost – for practitioners, facilities, and systems, and patients.
  • Real-time, immediate diagnosis to put healthy patients at ease.   Or a visual understanding for those needing treatment.
  • Update your EMR on the spot (rather than later on after the results arrive).
  • Retain patient loyalty and referrals.  Billable services without referring them elsewhere.
  • Widely used: hospitals, clinics, private practices, medical schools, emergency services, military, and countless other venues.
  • Almost every specialty and exam type.  Human and veterinary.
  • Long-lasting battery.   Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Live training.  Generally, 30-60 minutes depending on questions and areas of interest.
  • Beginners can start with a couple of preset exam types.   Then, add more as skills and confidence build.
  • PACs transfers for image storage.  Progress evaluations, billing support, and long-term use.

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Edge Life Technologies. Leaders in innovation. Advancing quality of care while lowering the out-of-control pricing (we’re all carrying mainframes inside our cell phones). Lightning fast without a cable – the ultimate in grab-and-go. Push a button and start scanning. Your patients will say “thank you.”




  • One, two, or three probes in a single unit
  • One exam can pay for an entire month
  • Approximately thirty-minutes training time
  • Software and updates included in the price
  • No maintenance beyond disinfection
  • Three hours of scan time on a single charge
  • Over ten hours of standby to cover the entire day
  • Eighteen-month parts and labor warranty


  • Small Parts
  • MSK
  • Nerve
  • Vascular access
  • Abdomen
  • Lung
  • Internal organs
  • Cardiac
  • Pelvis
  • ER, ambulance, ICU, first aid, battlefield, and rescue missions.
  • Preliminary assessment: in-hospital, primary care, preliminary screening, community clinics, home care, family planning, triage, military, and other venues.
  • Visualization: vascular access, surgical and therapeutic guidance.

Probe Types

  • Single-Headed
  • Double-Headed (two probes in one)
  • Triple-Headed (three probes in one)
  • Linear for superficial exams
  • Micro-linear
  • Convex for deep penetration
  • Micro-convex
  • Phased-array for cardio
  • Endocavitary for vaginal and rectal
  • 4-D One-Button Bladder Measurements
  • Large animal and livestock internal.