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REGIUS ΣⅡ delivers a compact and affordable imaging solution that maintains the superior image quality and reliability expected from our REGIUS family of products. Combined with the redesigned ImagePilot software, the REGIUS ΣⅡ provides simple operation and smooth workflow to a wide range of medical practitioners.

The REGIUS ΣⅡ is Konica Minolta’s smallest and lightest CR. The desktop CR has a footprint of only 0.31 m² and weighs a mere 28kg.

The REGIUS ΣⅡ supports pixel sizes of 87.5μm and 175μm for all cassette sizes, achieving a maximum resolution of 4020×4892 pixels (14×17 at 87.5μm).


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Cassette Sizes:

– 14 x 17″ (35 x 45 cm)

– 14 x 14″ (35 x 35 cm)

– 11 x 14″ (28 x 35 cm)

– 10 x 12″ (24 x 30 cm)

– 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm)

– 18 x 24 cm

– 15 x 30 cm

Sampling pitch: 2 types: 87.5 μm/ 175 μm

Maximum Resolution: 4,020 × 4,892 (14 x 17″)

Digital gradation level: 4096 levels (12 bit)

Processing capacity: Up to 60 IPs/hr

Slots: Insertion/ ejection slot x 1

Width: 20.1″ (51 cm)

Depth: 24″ (61 cm)

Height: 14″ (35.5 cm)

Power requirements: 100VA max during operation: 20VA when not in use.


ImagePilot Console:

Image processing function: Integral Processing, Automatic Processing Parameter Study

Viewer function display: Grayscale. Window Change, Pan. Zoom. Magnifying Glass. Cine. Comparison Display

Viewer function measurement: VHS. Ratio of heart and chest. Distance Between 2 Points. Angle between 3 Points. Cobb Angle. Rectangle area. Ellipse area. Polygon area

Viewer function annotation: Line. Rectangle. Circle. Ellipse. Freehand. Text

Offline image link: Media Input/Output (PDI. DICOM.JPEG, Bitmap)

Software features:

– Patient Registration
– Image Acquisition
– Automatic Image Processing with Learning Function
– Image Review – including magnification. annotations. measurements. layout and window leveling tools
– Export JPEG images to Madia (CD, DVD and USB drive)
– Export DICOM images to CD/DVD with DICOM PDI format and optional PDI Viewer
– Import DICOM or JPEG images from Media (CD. DVD and USB drive)
– Windows Printing on Paper
– HL7. ADT and ORM
– Remote access
– DICOM Printing
– DICOM Send to PACS