MYVET Pan i2D-Mobile panoramic x-ray system


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• Veterinary specialized full mouth scanning
• Smart scanning software preset for different jaw sizes
• Cart based mobile system
• Small animal specialized ergonomic table design
• Easy positioning with less preparation
• Low dose
• No special installation required

Veterinary specialized panoramic scanning technology and a smart acquisition software provide superior full mouth
diagnostic images in a short time. Animal size selection switch and a positioning laser light guides practitioners right
position the patient easy and quickly. The ergonomic table design delivers comfort workflow to practitioners by easy
positioning with less preparation. Unlike other medical system, a practitioner can use it instantly without any special

The procedure can be done within 3 minutes with mild sedation and it is over 7 times faster than traditional full mouth x-ray imaging procedure. Actual scan time is 15 seconds for full mouth. Panoramic images provide more coverage for bone defects and jaw lesions.

Our panoramic system does not require any intraoral sensor that has to be wrapped by a cover at every exam. You need to simply
clean the bed after using the system and it helps prevent your patient from infection and keep the clinical environment clean.

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