Smart Step Puzzle Runner Floor Mats

Pivotal Health Solutions

Want Smart Step comfort and durability, but customized to fit your space? Supreme PuzzlePiece Mats provide the premium performance of a regular Supreme mat, in a customized ¾” thick mat that allows you to dictate the length, width, and shape. The interlocking ‘puzzle’ edges provide effortless assembly and can be easily dismantled for moving and cleaning. With unlimited options, select the right fit to suit your needs.

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Standard Features:

  • Unmatched Comfort and Support
  • Gradual Edges Will Never Curl
  • 99.99% Anti-Microbial
  • Non-Slip Top and Bottom Surfaces
  • Will Not Separate, Bubble, or Delaminate
  • ¾” SmartTech™ Polyurethane Technology
  • Perfected and Tested for Over 10 Years
  • 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Puzzle Runner Collection:

  • SSR752 – Puzzle 7.5′ x 2′ (90″L x 24″W x .75″H)
  • SSR802 – Puzzle 8′ x 2′ (96″L x 24″W x .75″H)
  • SSR852 – Puzzle 8.5′ x 2′ (102″L x 24″W x .75″H)
  • SSR902 – Puzzle 9′ x 2′ (108″L x 24″W x .75″H)
  • SSR952 – Puzzle 9.5′ x 2′ (114″L x 24″W x .75″H)
  • SSR753 – Puzzle 7.5′ x 3′ (90″L x 36″W x .75″H)
  • SSR803 – Puzzle 8′ x 3′ (96″L x 36″W x .75″H)
  • SSR853 – Puzzle 8.5′ x 3′ (102″L x 36″W x .75″H)
  • SSR903 – Puzzle 9′ x 3′ (108″L x 36″W x .75″H)
  • SSR953 – Puzzle 9.5′ x 3′ (114″L x 36″W x .75″H)

*Custom length mats and “L” shaped mats are available upon request.