Wisonic Clivia


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Large Full Touch Screen

Support liquid disinfection


Articulating Arm

Flexible screen distance to user
Durable shaft optimal rotation force

Smart Trolley

Electric height lift
Extra built-in battery
More than 6 hours real-time scanning
Built-in coded lock

New Generation HoloBeam Platform

Whole field focusing
Excellent image quality

Auto Diaphragm Measurement

Quick assessment of diaphragm function
Accurate measurement results
Facilitates continuous rehabilitation assessment



Auto Vessel Measurement

Auto vessel diameter,
area Auto volume flow calculation


Trending Graph

Quick trending graph
Synchronized curve display
Time point image review



wiNerve AI Nerve Recognition

Real-time recognition
Cloud self-evolution
Support multiple nerves

Cloud Sharing Cloud Diagnosis

QR code sharing
Remote diagnosis
Remote service


Versatile Accessories


Clivia Probe Family

Full range of probes

Provide complete bedside solutions




Excellent Clinical Images