Chiropractic equipment for your office

Coastal Medical Imaging has some of the best chiropractic equipment in the Florida region. Our exceptional catalog of equipment and tables will provide your office with everything you need. We can help you design the layout of your office and equip it with whatever you may need. Upgrading to a digital imaging setup has never been so easy.

Building a new office? Coastal Medical Imaging will guide you through the process. Our team knows what goes into setting up a chiropractic office. We will set you up with the right x-ray equipment, software, and tables.

Our scanning technology and chiropractic equipment comes with a host of tools that will make your life infinitely easier. The digital images have unmatched clarity and can also be manipulated with zoom, rotate, and contrast adjustments.

Our chiropractic x-ray systems come standard with the top chiropractic analysis tools and software, including:

  • Advanced Orthogonal Analysis
  • Upper Cervical Analysis
  • Line drawing
  • Illium Analysis
  • Many more!

These tools were developed with chiropractors in mind. Because of this, software and tools are easy to integrate into your practice, and even easier to use!

New and pre-owned equipment that will meet your needs

Our line of new imaging devices and equipment will revolutionize your office. Coastal Medical Imaging will upgrade your chiropractic office with everything you need to stand out from the competition. Our digital x-ray systems come with an unbeatable warranty.

Coastal Medical Imaging also offers an extensive line of pre-owned chiropractic equipment. Our pre-owned x-ray devices will function like new for an affordable price.

If you face any technical issues with your x-ray imaging devices, Coastal Medical Imaging will set you up with one of our IT specialists. They will walk you through any issues, always leaving you satisfied.

The right chiropractic table for you

We have the chiropractic table that is just right for your office. Our tables are easy to use and comfortable for any patient. With our warranty, you will not be disappointed buying your next table through Coastal Medical Imaging.

Our chiropractic tables also come pre-owned. These tables are perfectly suited for your office, without breaking your budget.

Coastal Medical Imaging has a team of dedicated personnel ready to service your chiropractic equipment and supplies. We offer thorough repairs, as well as preventative maintenance that will make sure you can avoid future problems.

Custom chiropractic tables that will make your office unique

Is your table looking a little rough around the edges? In addition to selling fantastic chiropractic tables, Coastal Medical Imaging will customize a table just for you. We offer custom embroidery and reupholstery that will make your office truly unique.

We do what we can to make sure your table feels unique to you. We have custom options for your table, so you can pick and choose what features you desire for your next chiropractic table.