Mobile equipment and supplies with unmatched quality

Coastal Medical Imaging offers an exceptional line of mobile solutions so you can bring your x-ray systems to your patient. Adding mobility to your setup will enhance your outcomes and streamline workflow. All the products we offer are designed with ease of use in mind, making them some of the most sought-after additions to your workspace.

Coastal Medical Imaging has new mobile equipment and supplies available for your facility. All our new and used products come with a warranty. In addition to our new products, we also have a stock of used and refurbished mobile equipment and supplies that look and feel new.

Mobile digital imaging systems

There are many benefits from a mobile x-ray system. When you can bring the x-ray equipment to the patient, your work is able to flow and move efficiently. Our mobile equipment and supplies let you take quick scans for procedures, leading to quicker assessments and better treatment options in any setting.

With mobile equipment, you can quickly assess a patient at their location. Our mobile digital imaging equipment will provide you the highest quality images on location, meaning you will gain a better idea of the diagnosis. Onsite visits save time, and sometimes save lives.

Designing your mobile setup

Let Coastal Medical Imaging guide your decision making for building a mobile setup. We can work with you to design your x-ray system and determine what new mobile equipment will work best in your facility. Our products can match our customers with individualized designs and equipment to give them the best setup for their practice.

Best in class mobile equipment supply support

Coastal Medical Imaging’s IT department is available to address any issues you may have with your mobile equipment and supplies. Our technicians can solve any problems with your mobile digital imaging devices. Via remote options or onsite visits, a service technician will listen to your problems in order to properly address them.

Contact a sales rep to learn more about our mobile equipment and supplies

Do you have any questions about our mobile equipment and supplies? Reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales reps to learn more. They will help you decide what products are right for you and your office.