Private practice equipment and supplies focused on exceptional patient care

Coastal Medical Imaging has an exceptional selection of medical supplies and equipment designed for your private practice. Our products are functional, easy to use, and customizable for your private practice. All our products are designed with patient care in mind, leading to higher satisfaction and happier visits.

We supply both new and used medical equipment. Our new and used products feature unbeatable warranties that keep you covered. We also have an array of used products that are perfect for budgetary concerns.

Speak with a Coastal Medical Imaging sales representative to learn what products are right for your private practice. They will walk you through all your options, ensuring that you get exactly what your office needs.

Quality digital medical supplies and equipment for your private practice

With our digital imaging devices, your private practice will experience x-rays in a way you never have before. Great Lakes Imaging has top of the line digital x-ray systems that produce crisp and clear images. Your private practice needs to upgrade to digital, and Great Lakes Imaging is here to help you learn how.

With digital solutions, you are granted complete control over your images. You can tweak the window/level for better clarity, as well as move around and zoom to shift focus points. Digital x-rays provide a clearer understanding of the imaged region, leading to quick assessments and more accurate diagnoses.

Designing your private practice’s x-ray room

Coastal Medical Imaging does not stop at the sale. We will install your equipment and help you build your setup. Our professionals have a depth of experience with setting up x-ray rooms. We will work with you to determine the best setup for your private practice equipment and supplies.

Our turnkey solutions mean you do not have to worry about making sure your room has the proper setup. Let us deal with everything so you can focus on making your private practice the best it can be.

Ongoing private practice equipment and supplies support

Coastal Medical Imaging has unbeatable technical support. Our IT department can fix many problems without stepping foot into your private practice. They can access your systems remotely to fix issues in the software. Do not hesitate to call us for technical support.

Our service technicians can also come onsite to fix physical problems in the equipment. Our experts understand the products and how they work. Additionally, we will perform diagnostic checkups to prevent any future issues.

Talk to someone at Coastal Medical Imaging today

If you are ready to update your private practice equipment and supplies, it is time to give Coastal Medical Imaging a call. Our excellent customer service department will help you decide on what products you need and how to set them up. Give us a call today to learn more.