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Coastal Medical Imaging provides dependable and durable medical equipment sales to a host of medical offices and independent hospitals in Florida. We specialize in digital imaging medical technologies, including medical and ultrasound imaging devices. Turnkey solutions and complete room set-ups will give your facility the edge it needs in this fast paced industry.

Our team of medical equipment sales professionals possess well over a hundred years of combined sales experience. With their vast pool knowledge, they can help you design your room and maximize your workflow.

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Digital imaging product lines

Coastal Medical Imaging has a stock of cutting-edge digital products available to you. Products include new lines of medical, veterinary, mobile, chiropractic, and ultrasound equipment, all covered under warranty.

If new products are outside of your price range, Coastal Medical Imaging has a stock of used and refurbished medical equipment at a discounted price. The refurbished equipment will look and feel brand new, providing buyers with a great deal for their room.

Products offer high quality digital solutions for your setup. Our imaging products will revolutionize your office by offering top of the line digital imaging that meets your needs.

Radiation shielding solutions

We provide medical equipment used for x-rays in hospitals, clinics, medical offices, veterinary clinics, chiropractic offices, and many others. Due to the nature of x-rays, we understand that safety is a number one concern. That’s why we offer state of the art radiation shielding for your facility.

Our lead shielding technology will ensure the safety of patients and providers alike. Additionally, we can outfit your facility with nuclear and CT shielding solutions. With Coastal Medical Imaging, you don’t have to worry about radiation. Speak with one of our sales reps about our shielding services today.

Custom tables for your office

We offer tables used in chiropractic offices, as well as other medical facilities. Our custom tables offer unparalleled comfort and efficiency. Chiropractors across the region can speak to the quality of our tables.

Already have a table? We can offer our reupholstery services that will leave your table looking new. Not only that, but we also offer custom embroidery. Show your hometown pride with detailed logos, colorful stitching, and professional appearances. Give your office a unique look with our custom tables.

Our table experts can also come to your office for servicing and repairs. We offer unmatched preventative maintenance for your table that will keep it in top condition for a long time.

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Our medical device sales representatives will partner with you to tailor our medical equipment sales packages to your needs. Whether you need a single piece of equipment, or an entire room setup, our sales reps will draw on their extensive sales experience to make sure you’re satisfied with a great deal.

Are you ready to upgrade to digital equipment? Contact one of our sales reps today to discuss what your facility requires. We can talk you through the different types of medical devices, as well as their benefits to your facility.