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Software & Tools to Integrate in Your Chiropractor Practice

Software & Tools to Integrate in Your Chiropractor Practice

We know that chiropractic care  addresses more than spinal health; it helps patients with their physical, mental, and emotional well-being too. Similarly, Coastal Medical Imaging addresses more than chiropractic offices’ imaging needs. We are a comprehensive chiropractic supply company, offering a range of software and other tools that let you stop worrying about equipment so you can give your patients more of your undivided attention and care.

Imaging Hardware

If you seek an all-in-one imaging solution for your chiropractic practice, our digital Universal Chiropractic System provides high-resolution imaging that’s fast and accurate without the need for film. Its compact size ensures it adapts to a wide range of space constraints, while electromagnetic brakes and fixed positioning help with accuracy. Also inquire about our wired and wireless DR panels, which provide rapid charging, high-res analog to digital conversions, and ample imaging area.

Imaging Software

While we wouldn’t discount the importance of medical imaging — it’s our bread and butter, after all — we’re well aware that it’s what you do with the images that matters. That’s why our chiropractic x-ray systems are bundled with analytical tools and software that allow for advanced orthogonal analysis, upper cervical analysis, ilium analysis, line drawing, and much more. The level of precision our software provides in tandem with hardware allows for a much more thorough approach to chiropractic care.

Tables and Benches

The adjusting table is the backbone of the chiropractic office. We offer multiple options, many of which can be expanded upon or accessorized for pelvic rotation, manual or automatic cocking drops, and much more.

  • Electric and manual adjusting tables
  • Stationary tables
  • Hylo tables
  • Combination units that combine elevation, hylo, and flexion-distraction functions
  • Roller massage tables for soothing cervical, thoracic, and lumbar massage
  • Portable adjustment, massage, and treatment tables that set up in moments

Traction Equipment

Traction systems and decompression tables like those from Triton, Chattanooga, and Saunders help with muscle mobilization, decompression, and depressurization of nerves and discs. With multiple adjustment settings, intermittent and cyclic tension options that mimic hands-on therapy, and a variety of table adjustments, our traction tables, units, and accessories are an ideal addition to your office.

Other Solutions

The products listed above are, of course, only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Among our other options are the Apollo Desktop Laser Unit, which can be used on two patients at once or two areas on the same patient, providing great deep tissue relief. It’s an excellent complement to the FMST TOOLS Fluid Motion Soft Tissue tools. And if you’re like many of our chiropractic partners, you offer other products for sale in your office, including nutritional support and topical pain relief; we invite you to consider our Omni cervical relief pillow as a further beneficial add-on for your patients.

Working with Coastal Medical Imaging

Whether you’re updating the equipment in your practice or are taking your first steps into the field, Coastal Medical Imaging provides a wide range of equipment — with customization options — to ensure you remain on the cutting edge of chiropractic treatment. For a consultation, price quote, or answers to your questions about our product line, get in touch today!