Pre-Owned Galaxy Mcmanis Stationary


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Hydraulically Controlled Stationary Table

The Lloyd Galaxy McManis Stationary Table features fully adjustable head, chest, lumbar and ankle sections. A simple control lever provides instant locking of flexion and precision control of the pelvic flexion with lateral bending and traction. A lumbar extender cushion, adjustable to short and tall patients is standard.

Featured basic movements:

  • Side bending can be locked in any position
  • Pelvic and ankle sections with leather ankle straps are extendable for traction and taller patients
  • Chest and head sections can be lowered and raised to various angles


Standard Features

  • Deluxe/Adjustable Headpiece
  • One Piece Adjustable Chest With Adjustable Tension Spring Breakaway
  • Lumbar Extension Cushion
  • Hydraulically controlled Elevation
  • Deluxe / Adjustable Headpiece
  • One piece adjustable chest
  • Chest & Pelvic Separation
  • Extension / Retraction of Length (Power)
  • Pelvic Section: Flexion Distraction (Manual & Semi-Auto)
  • Pelvic Section: Lateral Bending
  • Pelvic Section: Axial Extension/Retraction (Power)
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Tilt Safety Switch
  • Speed adjustment of Hylo Feature
  • Ankle Straps
  • Automatic Drop Away Footplate
  • Speed Adjustment of Hylo Feature