Summit/Americomp AM1


Effortless Operation and Increased Productivity

The ruggedly handsome A4000 float-top elevator table features the highest quality lift mechanism designed for effortless patient transfer and positioning.

This mechanism, operated by a convenient foot treadle, frees your hands and prevents the table from being inadvertently activated by the patient.

Rugged Yet Versatile Design Prevents Wear, Expands Procedures

The orthopedic tubestand glides smoothly behind the table on precision bearings that travel on wear-resistant steel tracks. Generous track lengths are provided so that the tubestand can extend beyond the table at either end for off-table procedures.

  • The tube carriage also provides a transverse motion mechanism that enables the operator to position the tube +/- 5″ off-center of the table midpoint. A centering detent facilitates precise repositioning of the tube.
  • A wide range of cross-table procedures can be easily accomplished by rotating the orthopedic tubestand on its vertical axis and utilizing the tube trunnion rings.
  • The extended tube travel of the orthopedic tubestand eliminates the need for a platform during weight-bearing knee procedures

Quality and Durability Secures Your Investment

Quality standards of Americomp radiographic systems are unsurpassed by any other x-ray manufacturer, yet they remain affordable choices in today’s marketplace. Americomp systems offer the same long-term dependable performance that has become synonymous with the Americomp name. A five-year manufacturer’s warranty demonstrates our confidence and secures your investment today … guarantees your investment value tomorrow.

Unencumbered Motion Expedites Positioning

The Americomp orthopedic wallstand provides a versatile film receptor that may include a stationary fine-line grid or a reciprocating bucky.

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