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mOpal Software

iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, Blackberry®, any mobile or smart device!

Combine the versatile Opal-RAD Professional Workstation software with our web-based DICOM Viewer and you have Anywhere, Anytime Viewing now on Any Device.

mOpal* (mobile Opal) is a browser-based viewer for reviewing images on Mac, Windows, mobile devices, tablets and smart phones including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. With mOpal, receive fast access both onsite or remotely**, available with any 20/20 system.

mOpal Features

    • Can be accessed on tablets, Macs, and mobile phones
    • Perfect for exam room viewing or offsite consults
    • Zero footprint, no download or app needed
    • Great for referring physicians
    • Same user-name and password as 20/20 Imaging PACS
    • Patient list and images available for anytime viewing
    • Simple patient filter and search
    • View annotations created on OpalWeb
    • Fully customizable settings to accommodate your specific needs
    • Easy to use: tap, drag, and pinch movements to manipulate images

Available as an add-on to an existing Opal-RAD package or with a new system
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