Fujifilm ARIETTA 750


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Fujifilm continues to listen to the experts, our neurosurgeons, by designing an ultrasound system specifically tailored for the Operating Room.  Guidance is the fundamental purpose for all of our surgical ultrasound technology. Fujifilm is committed to designing tools that help neurosurgeons navigate inside the human body and provide the necessary information to immediately make critical surgical decisions.

With the ARIETTA 750 the new vision for surgical ultrasound is here.



System Features

Designed to provide maximum simplicity, user efficiency, and portability. From its compact footprint to its intuitive, time-saving user interface, the ARIETTA 750 was engineered for the increasing workloads of today’s busy surgical environments.




Tilt, swivel, and height adjustable. Designed specifically for the OR.

Protocol Assistant

Prior fixed examination protocols and imaging conditions can be registered. Button operates can be reduced significantly to help support efficiency in the operating room.

Efficient Workflow

Start scanning with a single touch and automatically optimize the image with a single tap. The ARIETTA 750 is efficient and proficient.

LCD Monitor

With a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle, the 23 inch FHD LCD monitor gives a rich representation of the display image.


Smooth surface for easy wipe-down. Compatible with commonly used disinfectants.


Light weight, stable, and easy to move. Transport with ease from room-to-room.

Advanced and unique probes

Probe Fan Neurosurgery sized

Dedicated Intraoperative Ultrasound Solutions for Neurosurgeons

For precise neurosurgery ultrasound imaging, the ARIETTA 750 includes: