Fujifilm Persona CS


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The Persona CS Compact C-Arm is one of a kind.  With its powerful 5kW generator Persona CS provides over twice the power of typical compact C-arms.  This along with its rotating anode Persona CS is improving image quality and X-ray penetration for patients of all sizes.  This unit is not only lightweight and compact in design, it also has a large 27” touchscreen monitor with three-way articulated arm to ensure maximum viewing.  This Persona CS is available in your choice of 21 x 21cm  or 30 x 30cm Cesium Iodide flat panel detector.  Persona CS in addition has options of Wi-Fi video transmission, display unit, wireless foot switch, instant login with Smartcard NFC device.

  • X-Ray generator: 5 kW
  • X-Ray Tube: Rotating Anode Focus: 0.3 mm / 0.6 mm
  • Flat Panel Detector: 21 x 21cm  or 30 x 30cm
  • Operator control panel: Multi-Touch, LCD Color panel  12.5”
  • Onboard Monitor: Multi-Touch Projected capacitance 27″ touch screen
  • C-Arm Weight Unit: 683 lb



View, edit and postprocess images with an onboard 27″ touchscreen monitor. Mounted on a height and angle adjustable articulated arm with wide sideways extension, the slimline monitor ensures maximum viewing clarity while maintaining driver sightlines.

Control of exam parameters from any side with a c-arm mounted multi-touch operator console and live image display.

Large diameter, lightweight mobile C-arm for easy access to the operating table. Hassle free system repositioning on a compact 2on1 platform with effortless gliding and color-coded system locks.

Experience advanced imaging clarity with a choice of 21 or 30cm Cesium Iodide (CsI) flat panel detector, With a dedicated radiography mode, removable grid and fluoroscopic imaging at up to 30frames per second, PersonaCS offers unsurpassed imaging performance in a compact footprint.

With its powerful 5kW onboard generator, PersonaCS provides over twice the power of typical compact c-arms; improving image quality and x-ray penetration for patients of all sizes.