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How to Choose an X-Ray Machine For Your Healthcare Office

The ability to conduct x-rays in-house provides a number of benefits for healthcare practices. There are no wait times for third-party imaging, results can be evaluated faster, and the quality of patient care is improved. But choosing the correct medical imaging equipment is vital. Coastal Medical Imaging has the following suggestions to help your medical practice — from chiropractors to veterinarians to orthopedists — choose wisely.

Start Simple

You can begin to narrow your options with two easy questions: what are you looking at, and what are you looking for? This will help you rule out large amounts of medical imaging equipment so you’re not wasting time on things your practice doesn’t need.

Digital or Film?

Film machines are less expensive, require less maintenance, and have less to malfunction. Digital machines provide a level of detail — sometimes with the ability to enhance segments of the file — and the ability to store on digital media for quicker recall. Some film machines can be converted for digital use, so if you’re considering making the switch, ask us whether yours is compatible with digital capture.

New or Used?

Medical practices change their equipment periodically to meet changes in demand, meaning that you may find equipment on the secondhand market that perfectly suits your needs. Going through a dealer gives you a level of accountability and peace of mind that might otherwise be missing.

Are You Experienced?

If your practice is incorporating medical imaging as a new service, you’ll want to choose between a stationary unit and one that’s portable. You’ll also need to evaluate your premises to see what kind of radiation shielding you’ll need, and any other accommodations you’ll need to make.

Get Help

That brings us to our next point. From our patients to our available space, no practice is one-size-fits-all. A DVM specializing in large animals is going to have different requirements than one whose clientele are mostly dog and cat owners; each, in turn, will have much different needs than a chiropractor. But even within those constraints, there are many more options than you may realize, so a consultation ahead of your purchase can help steer you toward something that fits your practice (and your space constraints) best.

Choose the Right Provider

For all their differences, the best medical practices share one thing in common: they’re in demand because they provide a higher level of care and a personal touch to all they serve. We suggest that you choose your medical imaging supplier every bit as carefully as your patients have chosen you.

For more than a quarter of a century, countless practices throughout Michigan have chosen Great Lakes Imaging to meet their needs, and exceed their expectations. That’s because in addition to medical equipment sales, we also offer medical equipment installation, maintenance, repair, and a host of custom health equipment and supplies. Contact Coastal Medical Imaging today with your questions and needs — we’re here to help!